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Top 11 Signs, in Order, for ELEVEN ELEVEN to be the 1st Day of the Tribulation

Top 11 Signs, in Order, for ELEVEN ELEVEN to be the 1st Day of the Tribulation



Ron Reese (25 Oct 2015)


This post is a combination of a review, an update, a summary, and a prioritization, of the top 11 Signs for ELEVEN ELEVEN, of this year, to be the likely first day of the Tribulation.  Only 7 of these signs were part of the original 11 Signs that I first wrote about in February of this year.  The other four signs developed throughout this year, and were important enough to make the current list of the top 11 Signs, IN ORDER OF PRIORITY AND IMPORTANCE (in my opinion).

Many of these signs were given to you 8 or 9 months ago, so it is very important that we give you an update, a reminder, a review, and a condensed summary, of the main reasons why we have EVERY reason to expect 11/11/15 to be the 1st Day of the Tribulation, and the probable Day of the Sudden Destruction/Rapture.  Here is the link, which will give you many more details on each of these 11 Signs, from previous posts, all written this year, if you desire to read them.  

For 7 of these 11 Signs, to read the entire account, you will have to click on either Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 of “ELEVEN Signs Pointing DIRECTLY to ELEVEN ELEVEN, as the 1st Day of the Tribulation!”

This is written so that many of you will greatly increase your excitement and anticipation level.  It is written so that everyone reading it will increase their sense of URGENCY, concerning the few days that we almost certainly have left.  It is also written for ALL Watchers, and ALL other Christians, to search your hearts, as to your spiritual readiness to be a part of the Bride of Christ.  It is also written to challenge you to WARN as many people as you possibly can, to MAKE THEIR HEARTS RIGHT WITH JESUS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

It is also written to attempt to convince you that there is way too much evidence, pointing DIRECTLY to ELEVEN ELEVEN, of this year, for it all to be just a coincidence.  I am convinced, as many of you are also, that because of the MANY signs, clues, calculations, and puzzle pieces, we have EVERY reason to believe that God’s Judgment, in the form of the 21 Judgments in the Book of Revelation, will commence on 11/11/15. 

I have felt that God has been speaking to my heart about the date of 11/11/15, for almost one year now.  I started writing about it in early February of this year.  The evidence is growing almost daily, as is my expectation level, and my excitement level, and my anticipation.  I am trusting that seeing all of the major signs together in these two posts (yes, this will be a two-part post), will convince many more of you that we can KNOW the timeline for the 7–Year Tribulation.  I am not totally convinced that we can KNOW the Day of the Rapture, but, in my opinion, 11/11/15 is also the likely Rapture Day.  The Rapture is God’s counter move, in this master chess game, to Satan’s Sudden Destruction (nuclear).  We have EVERY reason to believe, as evidenced in previous posts, that the Sudden Destruction and the Rapture, in 1st Thess. 4–5, are simultaneous.

This list of my top eleven signs, for 11/11/15, are my personal list, in order of importance.  Feel free to send me your own lists.  Many of you reading this have your own agendas, as to why 11/11/15 will not be the 1st Day of the Tribulation.  It is my earnest hope and prayer that these two emails, if read prayerfully, with an open mind, will change the hearts and minds of many of you.  But please remember that it is MUCH more important to be READY, than it is to be right about the time frame.

I have yet to have anybody show me Scripturally why we cannot know the time frame of the Tribulation.  During this past year, I have quoted many Scriptures against NOT being able to know the time.  It has been ingrained into the vast majority of Christians, and wrongly so, that we are not going to have any idea when our Lord is Returning for us.  What kind of Bridegroom leaves His Bride totally in the dark, as to the Day of the Wedding?  Why do the vast majority of Christians take the phrase “No man knows the day or hour”, and expand it to month, year, decade, and century???  Did Jesus say that no man would EVER know the time?  

How many Christians have ever studied the meaning of that word “know”, in the Greek?  The correct translation is that “No man has been given intuitive knowledge of”, which means that this knowledge has been implanted into no man.  But this also implies, with the right amount of study, that maybe this knowledge can be obtained, through the discernment of the Holy Spirit.  Yet true Biblical watchmen continuously get hammered for studying to try to read the clues and signs that are so readily available for ALL to find.  Who is to say that a diligent search, with the Lord’s help, and with the right motives, will not produce a correct result?

Jesus said that we could KNOW the time of His Return, even when it is AT THE DOORS.  Jesus said that we are the children of light, and are not in spiritual darkness, that that day should overtake us as a thief.  He is only coming as a thief in the night to the unbelievers, and to the Christians who are willingly in the dark.  Then, in Revelation 3:3, JESUS says to us, “If you will not WATCH, I will come on you as a thief, and you will NOT know what hour I will come upon you.”  The VERY strong implication is that IF YOU DO WATCH, YOU WILL KNOW!!!!!!!

Today’s post will consist of a countdown of Signs #6 through #11, of my own personal SIGNS, in the order of importance.  Next week, I will post the top five SIGNS, in order of importance, that are pointing us DIRECTLY to ELEVEN ELEVEN, of this year!!!

Here are just a few of the many, many signs that are pointing towards 11/11/15, that did not make my current list of the top 11 Signs.  But, combined together, these signs greatly strengthen the case for 11/11/15.  These additional signs are in no particular order:

The tetrad of eclipses, that culminated on Sept. 28th, Feast of Tabernacles of this year.  This was an extremely important sign, that will not happen again forhundreds of years, but I could not tie it in directly to 11/11/15, so it didn’t make it.

Netanyahu’s historic speech on 3/3/15, that started EXACTLY at 11:11 a.m.

The monumental earthquake in Nepal was reported to have struck at 11:11 a.m., local time.

Many believe that the Scriptures support the Rapture taking place on a new moon, such as Feast of Trumpets does.  11/11/15 is on a new moon.  Is there a better night to make an attack on an enemy, than the darkest night of the month?

“The 11th Hour” is a common phrase for “The Final Time”.

Obama’s (the Antichrist) first election was 7 years and 7 days from 11/11/15.

ELEVEN days from the most Satanic holiday of the year, Halloween, is 11/11/15.

Armistice Day is on 11/11, celebrating the END of World War 1.  It appears this is also the CHOSEN day to START World War 3.

Many consider there to have been ten plagues placed upon Egypt, but the ELEVENTH plague was the most severe, of all of the many judgments placed upon the Egyptians.  The massive Egyptian army was entirely wiped out when God allowed the parted walls of the Red Sea to collapse on the Egyptians, destroying them all.  In the Word, Egypt is a TYPE of the WORLD.  Is this ELEVENTH plague a Prophetic TYPE OF God’s Judgment upon the WORLD on 11/11/15?  I believe it is.

Now we begin our countdown of the 11 most important SIGNS, pointing DIRECTLY to 11/11/15.  If you will take the time to read carefully the rest of this post, and next week’s post, you should be able to understand why we have EVERY reason to believe that the first day of the Tribulation SHOULD be 11/11/15.  This week we start at number 11, and conclude with number 6.  Next week’s post will start at number 5, and culminate with the number 1 Sign that is pointing DIRECTLY to ELEVEN ELEVEN OF 2015:

#11.  THE NUMBER ELEVEN IS THE BIBLICAL NUMBER OF JUDGMENT AND DISORDER.  The Tribulation is all about the 21 JUDGMENTS in the Book of Revelation.  At the beginning of the Tribulation will come the GREAT SWORD of Seal #2, which is WAR, which will almost assuredly be nuclear weapons.  Mass confusion, chaos, and DISORDER will immediately follow.  What more appropriate day could God choose than ELEVEN ELEVEN, the number of JUDGMENT and DISORDER?


Are We in the Transitional Period of 49 (7X7) Days, Just Like the Disciples???

There were several calculations pointing DIRECTLY to Day of Atonement, Sept. 23–24, 2015.  In this post, we show WHY this was not the 1st Day of the Tribulation, or the Day of the Rapture.  The first reason was that Jesus is the Fulfillment of the 7 Feast Days.  Jesus MUST fulfill the Fall Feast Days at His Second Coming.  This means that Sept. 23rd was too early for the Tribulation, of 2520 days, to begin.  For Jesus to come back on Feast of Atonement, Oct. 5, 2022, the Tribulation MUST begin on 11/11/15. 

This means that there must be a transitional period of 49, or 7 X 7, days, or one Jubilee cycle of DAYS.  Sept. 23-24, 2015, ended a Jubilee cycle of YEARS, starting the first Jubilee Year for modern-day Israel.  We have EVERY reason to believe that Jesus will return in the Rapture of His Bride, sometime during this Jubilee Year.  The only day that really fits is 11/11/15, the proposed 1st Day of the Tribulation.  How remarkable that God appears to be using the same number of days, 49, as He did number of years, also 49.  Both Jubilee cycles.  One Jubilee cycle of 49 YEARS, followed by the transitional period of one Jubilee cycle of 49 DAYS.

Equally remarkable is that God established the pattern with His early disciples, who also had to wait for Jesus to send His Holy Spirit, for the same length of time, after Jesus’ death, 49 days, or one Jubilee cycle of days.  The reason for this 49–day wait was so that Jesus could fulfill Feast of Pentecost, by sending His Holy Spirit, and by starting the Church Age.  This pattern of having a transitional period of 49 days should continue during the time period of Sept. 23–24, 2015, to 11/11/15.  The reason is the same, which is so that Jesus can fulfill the Feast Days at His 2nd Coming in the Fall of 2022. 

These disciples experienced their joyous transitional period of preparation, for 49, or 7 X 7, days, in the upper room, waiting with GREAT anticipation, and GREAT excitement, and preparation, for Jesus to return for them, in the form of His Holy Spirit.  So, too, with this very same pattern, we NOW await the return of our Lord and Saviour.  Are we now experiencing our upper room expectation, excitement, and preparation, just like the early disciples?  Will the transitional period be the same 49 days?  I believe the answer is “Yes”, because it leads DIRECTLY to 11/11/15, the very same day that ALL of the many other signs are pointing towards.

#9.  THE 120–DAY WARNING SIGN, AND THE 40–DAY WARNING SIGNS.  There are three numbers in the Bible that denote WARNINGS.  These numbers are 120, 40, and 7.  It certainly appears that we have received our 120–Day Warning, with the announcement, on July 14th of this year, of the Iran nuclear deal.  The 120 days lead us DIRECTLY to ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year.  The preponderance of evidence strongly suggests that the Tribulation will start with a NUCLEAR Judgment.  So, what more appropriate 120- (40 + 40 + 40)day WARNING could we receive than the long-awaited announcement that a NUCLEAR deal had been reached by all of the major countries?  The Word says, “When they say Peace and Safety, then comes the SUDDEN DESTRUCTION.”

God WARNED the city of Ninevah that they had 40 days to repent, or suffer Great Judgment.  40 is a number of Warning.  On 11/11/15, we should be expecting some sort of NUCLEAR Judgment upon the U.S., as this is the only country standing in the way of the New World Order, and one-world government.  The NWO elite have given us much evidence, which I have been posting about this year, that their CHOSEN date is ELEVEN ELEVEN of 2015.  The downfall of the U.S. is the last obstacle to the NWO elite’s diabolical, wicked, Satanic plan to set up a one-world government, with them in charge.  All of the rest of their puzzle pieces appear to now be in place, including the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, who is fulfilling his mission to destroy the United States.

The two greatest DESTRUCTIONS upon mankind are the GREAT FLOOD, in Noah’s time, and the 7–Year Tribulation, in our time.  The Word says, “As in the Days of Noah, so shall it also be in the Days of the Coming of the Son of man (the 2nd Coming of Jesus)”.  One of the many parallels appears to be that God sent to the U.S., in the form of MASSIVE FLOODS of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS (according to the TV commentators), OUR 40–DAY WARNING!!!  These devastating FLOODS started on Oct. 2nd, which is FORTY days from 11/11/15.

There were numerous Biblical parallels, concerning these massive FLOODS, presented in my post , that strongly suggest that God has indeed given the United States a FORTY–DAY WARNING.  Now that God has given a 40–day WARNING, and a 120–day WARNING, we should possibly expect a 7–day WARNING, on Oct. 4th (or possibly Oct. 5th, if we count inclusively).  But with all of these MANY Warning signs in this post, and my next post, and all of my other posts throughout this year, God is certainly not obligated to furnish us any more Warnings, than what He already has.  These 120–day and 40–day WARNINGS give us two more giant puzzle pieces that fit the end-time Puzzle perfectly, ALL pointing DIRECTLY TO ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year.

8. THE SATANIC NUMBER OF ELEVEN.  We must remember that the Satanic New World Order elite are attempting to take control over the world.  NINE ELEVEN was a CHOSEN date, using the Satanic numbers of 9 and 11.  Henry Kissinger, one of the top men in the NWO elite, has admitted publicly that Obama is their CHOSEN man, to head up their New World Order.  By EVERY indication, they also have a CHOSEN date, to topple the United States, and to START this New World Order.  Every sign points to that date being ELEVEN ELEVEN of 2015.  ELEVEN is the number of Lucifer.  We must not lose sight of the fact that this is SATAN’S last- ditch effort to control this world, something that He has always wanted to do, ever since he originally rebelled against God.

To pull off something of the magnitude of this evil scheme and trap (Luke 21:35), that the NWO elite are setting, requires precision planning and timing.  To have the best chance of success, they are very much into Satanic numbers, and desire to choose the most Satanic date possible, for the greatest chance of success.  This is how they think and operate.  It has become obvious to me that their CHOSEN DATE IS ELEVEN ELEVEN OF 2015.  ELEVEN doubled, they feel gives them the greatest chance of succeeding with this incredibly evil and sinister plan to control the world.  The doubling of a number carries the same spiritual (Satanic) meaning, only intensified.  So, why would they not use Satan’s number doubled?

The number 22, or ELEVEN doubled, is called the Master Satanic number.  This points us to the Final Year of the Tribulation, 2022.  This will be the year of the Final Satanic assault on God’s chosen nation of Israel, at the Battle of Armageddon.  I wrote much, much more on this topic of Satan’s numbers and how they fit into Satan’s wicked plans for these last days.  Like so many of these 11 Signs, in these two posts, you really need to click on the link, to fully appreciate how compelling these Signs really are, that point DIRECTLY TO ELEVEN ELEVEN.  Here is the link (go to the last Sign, at the bottom of this post): 

7. ALL SIGNS POINT TO HANUKKAH EVE, DEC. 6–7, 2015, TO BE THE DATE OF THE BATTLE OF GOG AND MAGOG, WITH RUSSIA, IRAN, AND THEIR ALLIES ATTACKING ISRAEL!!!  Signs #7, and #6, and #2, are the only three Signs that point indirectly to 11/11/15, rather than directly.  But these Signs are so compelling, and of such magnitude, that I have concluded that all three of these amazing Signs are worthy to be part of the Top 7 Signs.

If you have not read my post, linked below, it is an absolute MUST read, so that you can see how ALL Signs, including Biblical, are pointing to this date, less than 7 weeks away, to be the actual date of this monumental, catastrophic World War 3 Battle of Gog and Magog, in Ezekiel 38–39.  It is an almost certainty, in my opinion, that after the downfall of the United States, on 11/11/15, Russia and Iran will then have free reign to make their ill-fated attack on Israel. 

The war efforts in the past few weeks of Russia and Iran are mostly concerning ISRAEL, and not Syria.  The new oil deposits found in the Golan Heights are so vast that Russia has her eyes on them.  Putin has already made an offer to guard them for Israel, and, of course, Netanyahu has wisely turned him down.  There can be little doubt that these oil deposits, just over the border of Syria, are the Biblical hooks in the jaws (Ezekiel 38–39) of Russia, to draw her into Israel, where she will meet her doom.  There are already Russian troops poised near the border of the Israel’s Golan Heights , in Syria.



This is another of the three indirect signs, rather than direct signs.  There were just way too many Signs pointing DIRECTLY to 9/23–24th to be ignored.  But, you might ask, how can these signs, that pointed to Sept. 23–24th, be included as the 6th most important Sign, pointing to 11/11/15?  Let me attempt to answer that for you.

Sept. 23–25th is the start of the very first Year of Jubilee for modern-day Israel.  The Year of Jubilee cannot be overstated enough.  Read all about the extreme importance of the Year of Jubilee in Leviticus.  The Jews have EVERY reason to believe that their Messiah will come during their Year of Jubilee.  We have EVERY reason to believe that the Bride of Christ will be raptured during this same Year of Jubilee.  THAT is the importance of Sept. 23–25th.  IT IS THE TIME THAT STARTED THE YEAR OF JUBILEE.

The other main reason for the importance of Sept. 23–25th, and how it ties into the importance of 11/11/15, goes back to Sign #10, which was the 49–Day transitional period,  Sept. 23–24th was the STARTING point of this 49–day transitional period.  It was the STARTING point of the 49–day Jubilee cycle.  So, it is definitely tied DIRECTLY to 11/11/15.  For all of you reading this, who were so disappointed in the supposed lack of Prophetic fulfillment, on Sept. 23–24th, I trust now that you can appreciate what I just wrote, and see Sept. 23–24th in a whole different light.  Sept. 23–24th is tied DIRECTLY to 11/11/15, the start of the Tribulation.  I also believe it is tied DIRECTLY to the probable Rapture, on the same date.

Now, let’s look at a few of the important calculations that pointed DIRECTLY to Sept. 23–24th, Day of Atonement, that made this day so important, and so greatly anticipated.  It was the most-talked-about, most-written-about, and most- anticipated date in Bible Prophecy, in recent history:

A. As we already mentioned, it was the first day of the very first Jubilee Year in modern-day Israel’s history.  The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized.

B. It was the Final Day of the 7 Good Years, or 7 Years of Preparation, as in the story of Joseph, the most complete type of Christ, in the entire Word of God.  This assures us that the Final 7 Bad Years, or 7 Years of Famine, or 7 Years of Tribulation are SOON to follow (right after the 49–day transitional period).

C. It was the Final Day of the Jubilee cycle of 49 Prophetic Years, which ran from June 7, 1967, the day that Israel re-captured Jerusalem.  This was an amazing calculation that put great emphasis, and extreme importance, on the Prophetic day of Sept. 23–24th. 

D. It was the Feast Day sandwiched between the solar eclipse on Feast of Trumpets this year, and the Final Day of the blood red moon and lunar eclipse tetrad on Day 1, of Feast of Tabernacles.

E. Day of Atonement is the most important Day of the year for the Jews.  It is the culmination of the 10 Days of Awe, and 10 Days of Repentance.  It is known as the Day of Judgment. 

All of the above 5 Signs were written about way back in February of this year.  Keep that in mind, as you read Signs F and G, about Day of Atonement, Sept. 23–24th.  Here are my words from February:

F. Day of Atonement, Sept. 23–24, 2015, is a possible day for the Rapture.  In my opinion, however, it is NOT likely.  This most-pointed-to day in modern times in Bible Prophecy is an extremely important day.  But I believe we can say with much confidence, that this will NOT be the 1st Day of the Tribulation, as counting ahead 2520 days takes us to August of 2022, and not near any of the Fall Feast Days.

G. This Day of Atonement not only marks the 1st Day of the Jubilee Year, but starts the Year, which we can fully expect to be the Year which will lead to the start of the Tribulation.  But the day which fits perfectly, from all angles, is not Day of Atonement, Sept. 23–24, 2015, but is NOVEMBER 11, 2015.

H. I am adding one more Prophetic event that did occur on Sept. 23rd.  The most likely candidate to be the False Prophet, Pope Francis, met with the Antichrist, Obama, for a closed-door meeting.  This event was probably much more important than we realize.

This concludes Signs 11 down to 6, of the Top 11 Signs pointing to 11/11/15.  Next week, I will post on Signs 5 down to 1.  If anybody can guess my Top 5 Signs, in order, I will put you name in my next post.  I trust that this post has been a blessing to most of you, an encouragement to many of you, and has created an increase in urgency inside your spirit, as it certainly appears that our days are quickly running out, if you are to be a part of the Bride of Christ.  Nothing would be more gratifying to me, than if some of you would become part of the Bride of Christ, as a result of reading these two posts.  Next week’s post will be even more compelling than the evidence in this post, as we discuss the 5 best of the best Signs that are pointing us DIRECTLY to 11/11/15 to be the first day of the Tribulation, and likely our Day of Escape, in the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.



Ron Reese

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